Focusing in on my personal passions

For quite a while, I’ve been spending my time pondering personal passion projects (pardon the alliteration). I’ve gone over and over the things that make me, me… hoping to identify a focus. After all, any good content creator has a brand that ties their work together.

But I am not just one thing. I am passionate about a number of things that don’t seamlessly fit into a box. How do I pick just one? How do I incorporate them all?

As I dwelled on finding a focus, I am plagued with doubt about the point creating any content: How do I find an audience that cares about my unique combination of passions? An audience that cares about my perspective on these things? What will make my project special enough to make an impact in an ever-growing sea of content?

What occurred to me is that I don’t need to fit into a box. If the project is truly about my passions, the focus should just be what makes me, me. Again, I was reminded that what I say matters, even if in this instance, it only matters to me at first.

So, I’ve determined that my blog will feature my take on two main ideas: career and culture. For the first piece, I’ll write about my own career growth and observations of women I admire. On culture, I’ll share my experiences exploring Los Angeles, traveling around the U.S. and beyond, as well as my time spent consuming pop culture.

I’m excited to continue sharing my journey and my passions, and I hope you enjoy following along!

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