Hi! I’m Jule! I am a creative professional, with a wide range of expertise in marketing, communications, project management, recruitment, and diversity & inclusion. I am also an experienced writer and social media manager, always looking for freelance opportunities.

  • I manage the social media presence for MuggleCast and #Millennial podcasts, which combined have more than 160K followers.
  • I have ghost-written more than 400 articles and blogs, published in various outlets including company blogs, Forbes, Business Insider, Entrepreneur, Glassdoor, Huffington Post, Mashable, Monster, Parade, Personal Branding Blog and Tech Cocktail.

I am currently furloughed from my full-time job is an Account Manager with Global Talent Acquisition Marketing at The Walt Disney Company. In this role, I develop and implement marketing strategies for recruitment in many businesses across Disney.

In addition to this role, I am passionate about my responsibilities as Communication Lead for Women@Disney, a grassroots, employee-led effort with more than 2,600 members, focused on teaching and motivating employees to own their careers.

I’ve been with Disney since 2012, when I did the Disney College Program as an attractions host. Then, I spent the following school year promoting the program as a campus representative, before returning to a seasonal role in attractions. During college, I gained communications and marketing experience at Come Recommended, Penn State Career Services and Partyspace.com. I was also actively involved on the executive board of PRSSA.

After graduating from Penn State with a degree in Communications, I worked as an intern in Account Management for Disney Talent Acquisition Marketing. After my internship, I worked as a coordinator on the recruiting side of the business, where I supported Technology Talent Acquisition. I soon rejoined the T.A. Marketing team once more and worked my way from Account Coordinator, to Account Associate, to Account Manager.

My diverse experiences have made me a strong communicator, marketer and project manager with a growing foundation in recruitment and diversity & inclusion. I am very detail oriented, organized and passionate about the work I do.

Another note about me: I love exploring, learning, and sharing women’s stories.

Follow me on Twitter @julegamache or connect with me on LinkedIn.


  1. It’s rare that you come across a remarkable talent like Jule. I hired Jule as an Account Management intern in 2014 after seeing her online presence and previous work. She was an outstanding member of the team who completed her internship flawlessly. Jule’s ability to juggle multiple projects and provide client service was unlike any I’ve seen before at her level. She made a dramatic difference in the productivity level of our team. Jule has the remarkable ability to listen to the client, determine their needs and develop a strategy to complete the work. She handled life-cycle projects for me and the clients’ had amazing feedback that mirrored my own. She has a unique aptitude for finding solutions with out of the box thinking using research and supportive analytics. Jule would be an asset to any team.

  2. I have had the opportunity to partner with Jule over the last year as an Account Management Intern. She was integral in the design and implementation of the recruitment marketing strategy for our area working with the teams in both FL and CA. She worked with a team of Managers, Directors, and myself to help create a plan that would please everyone. She was able to think outside the box and troubleshoot issues, bringing innovative and new ideas to the table to help us accomplish an extremely challenging project. I enjoyed working with Jule a great deal and hope to be able to again in the future.

  3. Jule is an incredible, talented Marketing Professional who continually adds value to every project and to our greater team! I am always impressed by her work and very excited to see where the future takes Jule in her career. Jule has a tremendous work ethic and is an absolute pleasure to have on our team.

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