6 Jurassic Job Search Methods To Keep Around

This article was originally published on ComeRecommended.com.

Twenty years after it’s initial release, Jurassic Park re-opened in theaters this weekend in 3D. Despite it being a 20-year-old film, Spielberg’s dinosaurs earned $18.2 million at the box office this weekend, proving people love classics just as much as the new stuff.

There are a few classic job search tools that have stood the test of time. Just like a film brought back in 3D, job seekers can update the old methods to shine during their job search. There’s a reason these tools are not extinct:

1. Reputation. It has always been essential to the job search to have a strong reputation. Professional reputation began based on how your personal contacts saw you. Are you always professional at work? Are you reliable and polite? It is important to be aware of your professional image.

Now your reputation extends to the Internet. Employers will look for job candidates on search engines and social media to get a sense of your online reputation. Your personal brand should be evident if recruiters look you up on Google. Nothing online should represent you in a bad light. Keep track of your online reputation by setting up a Google Alert on your name.

2. Networking. Networking is a staple of the job search. More than 30 percent of job seekers got their current jobs from referrals from personal or professional networks. In the past, it was all about trading business cards and finding ways to work together. Professional organizations and conferences are great networking opportunities for job seekers. Having face-to-face conversations is still the best way for relationships to grow.

Like with your reputation, the Internet enhanced networking opportunities. Use social media to connect with colleagues and industry professionals. Share relevant articles and other content with the people in your network to maintain relationships online. A good combination of in-person and online networking will lead to strong professional relationships. These people might be able to help you with your job search in the future.

3. Resumes. Resumes are not going to disappear any time soon. Job seekers should use resumes to highlight accomplishments, rather than simply listing responsibilities. Update your resume as soon as you have something to add so you always have a current version.

Today, your resume should be more than a piece of paper. It should be featured on your LinkedIn profile and maybe even on a personal website. Depending on your industry, it might be beneficial to include links to your personal website, online portfolio, or social media profiles. Recruiters will appreciate it if you provide them with easy access to your content online.

4. Cover letters. Your cover letter should make recruiters say, “Wow. I want to learn more about this job candidate.” A good cover letter tells the employer how you can benefit them, rather than why you want to work for them. Tell a story about your experience and how it would be applicable to the open position.

Like the resume, a good way to update your cover letter is to include links to your website, portfolio, or social media. Use them to enhance the story you tell.

5. Phone calls. Picking up the phone is a great way to stand out among other job seekers. A phone call is personal and creates the opportunity for a more fluid conversation.

With so much of the job search being online today, most job seekers avoid using the phone. Call recruiters to follow up after an email or an interview. You can even call to see if there is an opening in the first place. Taking the extra step to dial shows recruiters you mean business.

6. Thank you notes. Recruiters take notice when job seekers are polite. Send thank you notes after interviews, when someone gives you a reference, when someone writes a letter of recommendation, or when someone does any other favor for you.

While it is still a good idea to hand-write your thank you notes, emails also work well. Send a personalized email as soon as you get back from an interview. Be specific to show recruiters you paid attention.

What other jurassic job search methods would you recommend?

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