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10 Career Lessons From Disney Villains

Obviously Disney villains are evil — that’s the whole point. But that doesn’t mean we can’t learn some excellent career lessons from them. After all, most of them had excellent careers going until they met our heroes. As a follow-up to last week’s lessons from Disney heroes, here are 10 lessons from Disney villains you can […]

10 Career Lessons From Disney Heroes

As kids, Disney films taught us lessons about life. From the princesses to the lions to the toys, each movie teaches something new about our reaching our dreams. Now that we’re grown up, we can still learn a lot from our favorite Disney stories. Many of these lessons can even be applied to the job […]

Sharing My Favorite Career Advice

Since I began writing career advice for the Come Recommended blog back in April, I’ve compiled quite a large collection of pieces. I’m going to start sharing some of my favorite articles I’ve written on here. Get ready for Iron Man, Disney, and more!

Expanding my role at Come Recommended

As you probably already know, I’ve been the public relations research assistant at Come Recommended since the end of September. I’ve spent the last several months conducting research for blog posts and infographics for our clients. When a spring/summer position opened up for a content creator trainee, I took a writing test to see if […]

Expanding my portfolio with Come Recommended

Back in October I was offered an internship with Come Recommended, a content marketing and digital PR consultancy for organizations with products that target job seekers and employers. I am the public relations research assistant, so my job is to research anything and everything for the content creators. A lot of the work I have been […]