Reflect On Your Proudest Moments Of 2013

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Celebrating the new year is all looking forward to the future and the things to come in the next 365 days. We set new goals and dream about being better versions of ourselves. But before start to spend all your time focusing on the new year and your resolutions for the new year, you should take some time to reflect on your past.

Think all the way back to January 2013. What are you most proud of? Chances are, you’ve accomplished a lot since then. Now is your chance to look back at these moments and turn your proudest moments of 2013 into accomplishment stories.

Make a list. Open up a new document and start listing all the things you accomplished this year. Think about new jobs and internships you landed, projects you led, awards you won, and more. All of these moments, which may not have seemed that big at the time, are the moments of which you should be proud. They are the small things that add up to the larger picture.

Check it twice. After you write out an initial list, go back and make sure you’ve got it all. Pull out a calendar and take it month by month. Chances are, you’ll remember some pretty great things you did. There is no limit to the length of this list.

Tie in your skills. Next, go back to each item on the list and figure out what skills they involved. These can be hard skills specific to your industry, or soft skills like leadership and communication. Turn your initial list into a more comprehensive outline including these skills.

Write out the stories. Now that you’ve got a detailed outline of all of your proudest moments, it’s time to turn them into accomplishment stories. Write a paragraph detailing each moment and why you’re proud of it. Make sure the way you describe them includes the skills you listed.

Don’t forget the results. It’s also very important to remember to include the results of your story. Don’t just talk about the steps you took to accomplish a goal, make sure you talk about how successful you were. These stories will be much more impressive if you can show how you benefited your company or team.

Once you’ve got a document filled with accomplishment stories, you can use these stories for all of your future cover letters and interviews. When a job description asks for someone who is a team player, look for the story that best represents your teamwork skills and plop it into your cover letter. Commit the stories to memory and pull from them when you’re asked about your leadership experience during an interview.

If you take the time to reflect on your proudest moments, you can really use them to your advantage. Then, you can resolve to have even more career success in the new year.

What are some of your most important moments from 2013? How will you use them in the new year?

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