8 Career Lessons From Your Favorite Holiday Movies

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Holiday movies are the perfect way to get into the spirit of the season. From Home Alone to the Grinch to Elf, we all have our favorite holiday movies. While you’ve probably watched these movies hundreds of times, you may not have thought about them in terms of your professional life. As silly as it sounds, your favorite holiday movies can teach you valuable lessons, which you can absolutely apply to your career.

Here are eight holiday movies and the career lessons they teach us:

How The Grinch Stole Christmas. In the beginning of the story, the Grinch becomes a recluse and hates society because they reject him. By the end, however, he learns that not all people will reject you. If you keep trying, you will find somewhere you fit in and they will accept you. This lesson applies to all aspects of our lives, but is especially important in the job search. Don’t be discouraged by rejection. Pick yourself up, keep improving, and eventually you will land the perfect job.

A Christmas Carol. Ebenezer Scrooge is horrible to all his peers. From coworkers and clients, to neighbors and family, he is incredibly cold, rude, and disrespectful. During the story, however, he learns the importance of treating everyone with respect and kindness. Throughout your career, it is essential to treat your employees, coworkers, and everyone else with equal respect. You are not more important than anyone else.

Mickey's A Christmas Carol

Image Credit: Mickey’s A Christmas Carol

Home Alone. In Home Alone, we discover Kevin McCallister is the most innovative and resourceful child in the history of ever. He outsmarts two burglars using the stuff he finds around the house, successfully defending himself and his home. We can all do with a little more creativity to enhance our careers. If we can learn to be as resourceful as Kevin, we will continuously impress people at work and advance our careers.

Home Alone

Image Credit: Home Alone

It’s A Wonderful Life. In this classic film, George Bailey finds out what the world would be like without him in it. He thinks everyone would be better off without him, but he is very much mistaken. When you feel upset with the way your career is headed, sit back and reflect on all the things you’ve accomplished. You have probably done a lot more than you give yourself credit for.

It's A Wonderful Life

Image Credit: It’s A Wonderful Life

The Santa Clause. When Santa accidentally falls off the roof, Scott Calvin finds his business card, which tells him to put on the suit. However, he doesn’t read the fine print, which tells him that, in putting on the suit, he is accepting he will become the new Santa. The lesson here is clear: read every word of the contract before you accept a job. You don’t want to be roped into responsibilities you weren’t prepared for. While Scott ends up loving his job in the end, it takes him a long time to get there.

The Santa Clause

Image Credit: The Santa Clause

A Christmas Story. While there are plenty of memorable scenes from A Christmas Story, one that definitely sticks out is when Ralphie gets in a fight with the boy who has been bullying him. He may not have chosen the best tactic for standing up for himself, but he did decide to fight back and that’s what counts. In your career, you will undoubtedly face a bully or two. I do not recommend punching yours, but it is important to stand up for yourself. Stand up for your beliefs.

A Christmas Story

Image Credit: A Christmas Story

Christmas With The Kranks. Luther Krank and his wife decide to boycott the holidays after their daughter moves away. When Luther tells his employees about his plan, they are outraged. It doesn’t matter how you feel about the holidays, you need to keep your peers in mind, too. Just because you don’t want to celebrate doesn’t mean you can force your employees or anyone else to do the same. Holiday traditions are important to many people, so you need to allow your coworkers to participate.

Christmas With The Kranks

Image Credit: Christmas With The Kranks

Elf. Buddy the Elf is one of the most genuine characters to ever exist. All he care about is spreading joy and holiday cheer. One of the ways he does this is complementing anyone and everyone he meets. This is a simple lesson everyone should implement into their own careers. Give complements to coworkers, clients, managers, and other people in your professional life. Little complements make a big difference in a person’s day, and will strengthen your professional relationships.


Image Credit: Elf

You can watch these holiday movies in a whole new light this season, and the lessons you learn will stick with you throughout your career. So enjoy the season of quality holiday movies and enhance your career along the way.

What are some other career lessons from your favorite holiday movies?

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