How To Relocate For Your Summer Internship

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The closer we get to May, the more students are wrapping up the school year. Summer internships are about to begin. Many students receive offers in new cities, requiring temporary relocation.

As exciting as it is to move to a new city, it can be intimidating when you are unfamiliar with the area, you don’t know anybody, and you’re not sure where to live. It is essential to determine housing and expenses before committing to relocation.


Deciding where to live is probably the most stressful part about relocating for a summer internship. It’s overwhelming when you’re not sure where to begin. Do not fear. There are a few routes you can take on this matter.

Ask your coworkers for advice. You might not know anybody in the new city, but your interviewer does. They can put you in contact with previous interns who relocated for the job, or they might even have advice themselves.

Look for nearby universities. It doesn’t matter what size college you find, most will have some sort of student housing. They might rent out empty dorms to summer interns. If not, college towns have tons of apartments for students. When students go home for the summer, they have to find people to sublet their apartments, providing a perfect option for summer interns.

Search online for summer internship housing in your city. You might find more options to sublet an apartment, or you might find a company that specifically provides housing to summer interns.


Another challenge with relocating for a summer internship is the money involved. You have to factor in travel expenses, housing expenses, and other things that might come up throughout the summer.

Living in a new city, you might get caught up in the new experiences and living on your own. Plan your budget ahead of time to ensure you’ll make it through the whole summer. Consider what you’ll spend on rent, utilities, groceries, restaurants, clothes, and outings. Stick to your budget during the entirety of your internship.

This presents an extra challenge if the summer internship is an unpaid position. If this is the case, it’s important to start saving well in advance. Start putting any extra money away in savings now. Practice living on your budget by avoiding any temptations to splurge. That way, when it comes time for relocation, you won’t be overwhelmed.

Do you have experience with relocation for a summer internship? What advice would you give?

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