Celebrate Earth Week Job Seeker Style

This article was originally published on ComeRecommended.com.

Yesterday was April 22, which means Earth Day! But it doesn’t stop there. Continue the celebration all week with Earth Week! It’s the time to celebrate the earth, job seeker style.

Job seekers want employers who emphasize the environment and sustainability. In fact, according to a recent survey, when offered two equal job opportunities, 72 percent of job seekers would choose the more environmentally friendly company.

Additionally, almost half of the respondents consider their most recent company to be green. Working for a green company is important to 87 percent of job seekers. Most employees (75 percent) are willing to go green in their daily routines if their company gave small incentives to be environmentally-friendly.

In honor of Earth Week, job seekers can look for environmentally friendly and green companies in their job search. By applying to environmentally friendly jobs, you can feel good about your employer, not just during Earth Week, but for the rest of the year as well.

Job seekers who want to help the environment can find sustainable jobs by targeting their job search. Use specific search terms like “sustainability” and “environment” to find green companies. Look for job search engines specifically tailored for green jobs.

Go beyond the simple environmentally friendly initiatives by finding a company that makes the planet a priority. In your job search, look for an organization that focuses on improving the planet.

Earth Week is a reminder to take care of the environment in all aspects of your life, including your job. Take the time this week to focus your job search on companies that benefit the environment.

How are you celebrating Earth Week?

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