Top 6 Post-Grad Problems

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Post-Grad Problems

Congratulations, class of 2013! You are official college graduates and members of the real world. Does that mean the hard part is over? Of course not!

You, along with all of your fellow graduates are going to have quite a few post-grad problems.

Here are six post-grad problems in which you’re not alone:

1. Your friends have better jobs than you. There are plenty of reasons why your friends might end up with better jobs than the one you get. They might have looked in different places than you did. They might have better connections at the company they chose. Or they may just have gotten lucky. It doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with your skills.

Don’t let your friends’ jobs get you down. Instead, focus on how you can continue searching for your dream job while sharpening your skills in the job you have now. Don’t give up.

2. You’re stuck living at home. This is becoming the norm among college graduates. According to the Pew Research Center in 2011, as many as 45 percent of you move home after graduation. In 2001, this number was only at 31 percent. Use this time as an opportunity to build up your savings or pay off loans. Living at home is the least expensive housing you’re ever going to find.

3. You have to start paying off student loans. Chances are, you weren’t thinking about all of the loans you were wracking up while still in school. Now it’s time to pay them all back. Student loans are pretty overwhelming. Before you have to start paying for them, make a budget based on your new income and plan accordingly. Let the bank know how much you’re making and they often will change your monthly payment amount.

4. You decided to continue your education. Maybe you realized you couldn’t find the job you wanted. Maybe you just have goals requiring more school. Whatever the case, continuing your education can seem like a problem when many of your friends are moving on and getting jobs. Don’t let that bum you out. Instead, focus on your goals and remember why you decided to pursue another degree.

5. You started going to bed before 10. Real jobs usually require a work schedule from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., every weekday. No more picking a schedule that suits you. Starting your day now involves dressing professionally and probably a bit of a commute. Save going out for the weekends and get the rest you need on the weekdays. Leave the weeknight parties in college. You’ll thank yourself in the morning.

6. You wish you were still in college. There are lots of things college graduates miss once they leave. Try not to focus on those things so much. Think about all the opportunities you have now that you have a degree. You can start earning money at the job you’ve been preparing for since you declared your major. No more time wasted in classes you don’t care about. Plus, you can always visit during alumni weekend because, guess what? You’re all alumni now!

Just remember. Don’t let your post-grad problems get you down. You’ve got plenty of time to fix them!

What are some of your post-grad problems?

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