How 90s Kids Are Taking Over The Job Market

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We are the 90s kids. Part, if not all, of our childhoods took place in the 1990s and we couldn’t be prouder. We grew up with VHS tapes, boy bands, and Nintendo 64. Do you feel nostalgic yet?

Now instead of being just 90s kids, we make up this group called Millennials. We’re in the real world now, meaning the job market. In fact, Millennials will make up 36 percent of the workforce by 2014 (and 46 percent by 2020).

Millennials are taking the job market by storm. They are ambitious, idealistic, and they’re earning more money than ever. According to a survey by NACE, the Class of 2013 commands an overall starting salary of $44,928, which is up 5.3 percent over the year before.

90s kids are ambitious.

Millennials want to be the best workers possible. They value career development above all else. In fact, the majority (65 percent) of Millennials said career progression and personal growth were the most influential factors in their current job, according to a study by UNC.

90s kids are confident.

This generation was raised to believe they could do anything. Clearly, growing up hasn’t wavered that confidence. According to the UNC study, 43 percent of Millennials felt extremely or very confident that they could find another job if they lost or left their current one.

Additionally, 70 percent of Millennials are planning to change jobs once the economy improves. The state of the job market cannot change the fact that Millennials believe they will succeed.

90s kids are idealistic. 

In the UNC study, Millennials prioritized “meaningful work” over high pay and sense of accomplishment. Despite their lack of experience and large amounts of college debt, they believe they will be happy if they can make a difference in their careers. Meaningful work will make them happy.

In addition to all of these qualities, Millennials are the most diverse, digitally-enabled, and social generation. So now more than ever, 90s kids are conquering the job market, so get ready.

How else are 90s kids taking over the job market?

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