Social Media Engagement Boosts Brand Loyalty

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How big of a difference does having a social media presence actually make? Well, according to a new study conducted by the Internet Advertising Bureau, 90 percent of consumers would actually recommend a brand to others after interacting with it on social media.

It all starts with quality engagement. A brand needs to communicate directly with consumers. If they do that, the study found that social media can increase brand sentiment, consumer engagement, and brand loyalty.

Direct Interaction. One way to engage social media followers is to use the platforms to respond to their questions and comments. Twitter and Facebook provide simple methods of answering consumers directly. Additionally, because social media is public, other consumers will appreciate your brand for being open and honest in your interactions. Social media is the perfect means to showcase your excellent customer relations.

Exclusivity. Another benefit of engaging consumers on social media is exclusivity. Fans want to feel like they’re important to their favorite brands, so give them something to show for it. If they feel they’re getting something unique out of the experience, they’ll be loyal to your brand.

Responsibility. As a brand, you have a responsibility to your fans. They need to trust you to provide them with a quality service, as well as being responsible in your community. Social media is a great way to showcase your fulfillment of these responsibilities.

According to the survey, four out of five consumers would be more likely to buy a brand after being exposed to its social media. Utilize your own social media profiles to engage potential consumers.

“To create an emotional connection brands really need to provide clear, timely and, most important of all, relevant content that develop a conversation,” the director of the survey said on Business Insider. “By making people love, not just like your brand, you’re more likely to drive future purchases and increase sales.”

What other methods of social media engagement do you recommend to boost brand loyalty?

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