Beach Bumming This Summer? 5 Tips From A Lazy Job Seeker

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The summer is winding down, but that doesn’t mean we need to head home from the beach just yet. We’ve still got a few weeks left of laziness before it’s time to return to the hustle that comes with the fall.

Just because you’re still being a lazy beach bum doesn’t mean you have to put off your job search any longer. There are plenty of ways to make the job search easier for us lazy folk. Here are five job search tips from a fellow lazy job seeker:

1. Saved Searches

Most job boards require you to login, so you can upload your resumes, cover letters, and set personal preferences. With your account, these sites allow you to save your favorite searches so you can come back and easily look at the newest jobs.

2. Mobile Alerts 

Many job search websites now make it easier for you to keep track of new job listings by allowing you to sign up for mobile or email alerts. You can receive immediate, daily, or weekly notifications about new jobs, depending on the site. Now you don’t have to constantly check CareerBuilder or InternMatch for new jobs. They’ll do it for you.

3. Lots of Apps 

Sticking with the mobile theme, there are lots of job search apps you can use on your mobile phone (and you don’t even have to leave the beach to use them). There are apps for networking, interview prep, resume building, and more. Bringing all the pieces of the job search to your phone makes everything easier for a lazy job seeker.

4. Track Tweets

If there’s a specific company where you’re interested in working, a great way to track their job openings is to follow them on Twitter. Many companies now have accounts just for job openings. Find your favorite company’s career account and start following. How can you make this even easier? Set up mobile alerts for the account’s tweets (seeing a pattern yet?). Mobile alerts from Twitter send the tweets right to you as a text message, so you definitely won’t miss a new opening in your Twitter stream.

5. Inform Your Network

Hopefully you’ve built a pretty solid professional network for yourself. Now’s the time to use it. Reach out to your contacts and tell them you’re looking for a new job. Once you’re on their radar, they’ll be able to let you know if they hear of any opportunities for you. The rest is in their hands.

Obviously, you shouldn’t completely neglect your job search while you’re enjoying the summer. There are plenty of ways to force yourself to be more productive instead. But it’s perfectly OK to be lazy every now and then. Enjoy your beach day, but stay in the loop. You don’t want to miss out on the job of your dreams.

What are some other job search tips you’d give to someone who doesn’t want to leave the beach?

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