Freelancing Could Be Your Perfect Second Job

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Being at the beginning of your career can be tough. You’re trying your hardest to move up in your job, and sometimes an entry-level income just doesn’t cut it. To supplement their incomes, many Millennials are taking on second, part-time jobs as freelancers.

Freelancing part-time takes a lot of time management skills. You need to be willing to devote an appropriate amount of time to both jobs for them to be worthwhile. Deciding to freelance in your spare time means you’ll have to give some things up. If you decide to take on freelancing, it needs to be right for you.

Talk to people you know who already do freelance work. Ask them how they regulate their time, what the challenges are, and what they enjoy about it. Determine if freelancing will benefit you. This person might even be willing to mentor you along the way.

If you decide to give freelancing a go, start by establishing a schedule right away. Even if you don’t have clients yet, it’s important to manage your time from the beginning. Put some time in your schedule to develop a business plan and reach out to potential clients. Make this a specific time every week so you don’t feel like you can skip it. It’s easy to put your freelance work on the back burner, so force yourself not to do this. Structure is key.

Next, an easy way to kick off your freelancing career is to set up a website. Your site should include a portfolio of your work to showcase to potential clients. It should also include contact information and anything else you think is valuable. You can even use the website you created for your personal brand as a basis.

If you’ve been networking throughout your career, now’s a time when your contacts will really come into play. Let your network know about your new job. Offer to help them out, and ask them to share your name with people in need of your service. Continue building your network to pick up more potential clients.

One thing to avoid is taking on too many clients. Remember, for now this is just a part-time job. You don’t want to overwhelm yourself. Taking on too many clients is any easy way to fail as a freelancer. Take it one at a time and figure out where your limit is.

Staying organized is the key to making a freelance career work. If you keep these things in mind, you’ll be able to take full advantage of your new second job.

What are some other tips you have for those attempting to freelance part time?

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