HR Bloggers: 5 Ways To Improve Your Media Relationships

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One of best outlets for reaching your audience is a blog. There are hundreds of blogs covering topics in the careers and HR industry. The influence of these blogs is huge because so many people turn to them for tips and trends.

Now it’s up to you to form solid relationships with the HR bloggers to get them to share your story. Bloggers don’t care about you as much as they care about their own audiences. Your goal is to write content and a pitch that shows you understand and can bring value to their audience. Here are some ways to prove your worth to HR bloggers:

1. Do your research. Create a comprehensive list of blogs that talk about careers and HR. Determine who has the most influence and readers through Google PageRank and Alexa Traffic Rank. Take note of the target audience and who might be the best contact for your pitches. The more details you include in your media list, the better luck you’ll have when it’s time to pitch your story.

2. Read posts and comments on the blog. This will help you understand the types of content on a blog, as well as the audience. When you fully understand both aspects of a blog, you can write an article to fit with the status quo.

3. Post your own comments. A good way to establish relationships with bloggers is to write comments on their articles. You can start to have well-informed conversations about their content. This will allow you to further understand the bloggers. Plus, you’ll boost your own credibility when you’re ready to send in a pitch. Many bloggers will take their regular readers more seriously than if you were to send in a pitch without an existing relationship.

4. Tailor your pitches. It’s essential to send personalized pitches to each blogger. You need to tailor your content and pitch to match the subject matter and tone of the specific blog. Do not ever send a mass email to many bloggers at once. This is a sure way to get your message thrown away, and it diminishes your credibility among the bloggers.

5. Monitor the blogs. Set up Google Alerts to track the mentions of your company in the media. When you find your company or product mentioned in an article, this is the perfect opportunity for you to comment on the article or send an email to the blogger. It always helps to express your thanks.

The bottom line is: if you treat bloggers like human beings, you’ll create a mutually beneficial relationship with them. Show them you understand what they do, and what you do will benefit their audiences. Once you’ve accomplished those things, you’re golden.

What are some other tips you have for maintaining good relationships with bloggers?

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