Guest Blogging 101: A Guide To Great Content Marketing

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Writing guest posts for blogs in your industry is one of the most important tactics in content marketing. Guest blogging is what enables you to attract new interest to your brand. As your guest posts find more and more audiences, you will build your credibility, establish a larger audience of your own, and attract new customers.

Because guest blogging is your opportunity to gain the attention of new people, it is essential to take the articles you write very seriously. This means you need to think hard about the blogs you submit to, the content you write, and what you do next. You need to put a lot of effort into every step of the process for your guest blogging to be a successful part of your content marketing.

Find the best opportunities.

The first step in adding guest blogging to your content marketing is to find the best blogs to share your content. This starts with research. Create a list of every blog you find in your industry. They can be very specifically related to your niche or very broadly related. Every blog counts.

Make a note if they have a history of publishing guest posts or if they have specific guidelines for guest bloggers. Additionally, you should record the blog’s PageRank to determine if the blog is even worth submitting to (you want to submit to blogs with established audiences). Finally, determine a specific target audience for each blog such as “Millennial job seekers” or “employers with a technology focus.”

Once you have a comprehensive list, you should determine a starting point for pitching your guest posts. Look for the blogs with the biggest audiences or the ones that best match your own values.

Target your subject matter.

Your guest posts should be written specifically for each blog you choose. Use those target audiences you came up with to write a tailored article. Additionally, make sure you stick to the guest blogging guidelines established on the website. If possible, choose a specific editor and personalize your pitch.

In all guest posts, you should share information that is new, unique, or even shocking. Your writing needs to stand out on this blog if you want to attract new customers. The goal is to make readers want to learn more about you and your company. To do that, you need your post to give you credibility as a thought leader.

Make your content stick.

Once you’ve submitted a guest post, you’re not quite finished yet. You need to follow up if you want to make your name stick. You can do this by sharing your posts on social media, responding to comments on your posts, and then contributing more posts in the future. If you can transform one guest post into a gig as a frequent contributor, you’ll boost your credibility so much further. Develop strong relationships with the curator of the outlet to make it happen.

If you’ve decided to start your own guest blogging campaign, you need to take it very seriously. You can’t just half-ass it. When you give guest blogging the right amount of effort, you can truly establish yourself as an industry leader and gain new customers.

What other advice do you have for this tactic of content marketing?

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