9 Superheroes With Invincible Leadership Styles

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Every kid wants to grow up to be a superhero. It’s the ultimate dream. Being able to fly, fight the bad guys, and save the world would be the absolute coolest job in the world. Sadly, human beings cannot do these things and we have to settle for different careers.

Even if we don’t get to be Iron Man or Wonder Woman for a living, we can still do some of the cool things they do. Something all our favorite superheroes have in common is their ability to lead. All of these awesome characters have super effective leadership styles we can implement into our own careers. Here are nine of your favorite superheroes and their kick-ass leadership styles:

1. Superman. It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a pretty awesome leader, if you ask me! One of the many reasons Superman is a powerful leader is his loyalty. He truly believes in the good of humanity and makes it his duty to defend it. If you can prove your loyalty to your team, they will respect you and follow you. Be a loyal and dependable leader.


Image Credit: SupermanTV.net

2. Batman. What makes Batman a fantastic leader is idea that Batman should be viewed as a symbol. If people put all of their faith in the idea of Batman, it doesn’t matter who is behind the mask. The fact that they believe in the idea of Batman is enough. When you lead a team, encourage them to believe in a unified goal. If you are successful, they won’t have to think much about who is leading them.


Image Credit: Tumblr

3. Iron Man. I’ve already written an entire article about Iron Man’s great leadership skills, so he clearly belongs on this list of heroes. One of the unique reasons Iron Man is a great leader is his transparency. Iron Man does not have a secret identity. Everyone knows he is Tony Stark. In fact, he announces it in a press conference. His honesty allows the people to trust him. If you want to lead like Iron Man, be transparent.

Iron Man

Image Credit: Viral Read

4. Black Widow. As a person without superpowers and the only female member of the Avengers, Black Widow has to work hard to step up as a leader. She might stick to herself, but her team values her opinion. She means business and she will get the job done. Even if you aren’t the most outspoken or impressive person in the room, you can still be a leader. Take a page out of Black Widow’s book. Hard work is one of the most essential leadership skills.

Black Widow

Image Credit: Tumblr

5. Captain America. Before he is Captain America, Steve Rogers is a scrawny kid who is often picked on by bullies. When he gains the super strength that makes him Captain America, he channels his experience into a mantra: stand up to bullies. His devotion to standing up to bullies and treating everyone with respect is what drives him as a superhero. Having strong beliefs like these can make you a great leader.

Captain America

Image Credit: ComicBookMovie.com

6. Wonder Woman. As someone who values honesty, the Lasso of Truth is one of Wonder Woman’s most valuable assets. Like the name suggests, it forces people to tell the absolute truth. An effective team is completely honest with each other, so this is a key factor in Wonder Woman’s ability to lead. A leader who values honesty can accomplish great things.

Wonder Woman

Image Credit: Tumblr

7. Spider-Man. One of the most iconic superhero quotes comes from Spider-Man’s uncle Ben: ”With great power comes great responsibility.” Spidey takes this message to heart, and it’s an important note for leaders to realize, as well. When you are in a leadership role, all your actions have consequences and you need to take responsibility for them. Like Spider-Man, you need to accept the responsibility that comes with power.


Image Credit: The Amazing Spider-Man Blog

8. Thor. Thor is a leader by birthright. When his father passes on the throne, Thor is to become the ruler of Asgard, but it takes him some time to realize what this truly means. Before he earns the respect of his people, he is exiled to Earth for his arrogance. There he learns that power doesn’t mean things will be handed to you. Respect is earned when it is given. It goes both ways. As a leader, it is important to respect your team and they will respect you in return.


Image Credit: Tumblr

9. The Incredible Hulk. As Tony Stark so elegantly puts it, the Hulk is a “giant green rage monster.” Though this doesn’t seem like a very effective super power, Hulk works with what he’s got. One of the most important leadership skills you can have is to do just that. Determine your strengths and use them to your advantage throughout your career.


Image Credit: Crushable

Between Batman, Superman, and Spider-Man, all these superheroes have different origin stories, which lead to very different leadership styles. Despite the differences all of them effectively use their styles to save the day. While we may not be able to do the things they do, we can implement our favorite heroes’ styles into our own lives to become incredible leaders, too.

Who are some other superheroes with invincible leadership styles?

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