Salary Vs. Stress In Your Career [Infographic]

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When you’re dreaming of the success you’ll have in your career, one of the things you probably think about is how much money you’ll make. You might hope to be the CEO of a company or a brain surgeon if you want to earn the big bucks. However, you may not have thought of the cost of a high salary: stress.

This infographic from How Do I Become A compiles all the highest paid and most stressful jobs to show you how much stress you’ll be under if you end up in one of those high-salary careers.

It turns out, the career path with the highest stress and salary is a military general. They earn close to $200,000 each year. Close behind are senior corporate executives, commercial airline pilots, and public relations executives.

On the other end of the spectrum, the careers with the smallest stress levels and salary include medical records technicians, seamstresses, tailors, and hairstylists.

Where does your career (or dream career) fit on the scale? Would you let yourself go through a lot of stress for a higher salary, or will you aim for a career with less stress?

Salary Vs. Stress

Source: How Do I Become A?

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