7 Ways To Bring Holiday Spirit To Your Workplace

This article was originally published on ComeRecommended.com.

As the holiday season jumps into full-swing, it can be a little trying to stay productive at work. Who wants to be in the office when there are gifts to be wrapped, decorating to do, and family to visit? We’re all feeling it too, but you don’t have to let the holidays ruin your work day.

While you know you can’t leave work just yet, there are plenty of ways to make your workplace a little more fun during the holidays:

1. Decorations. One of the most obvious ways to amp up the holiday spirit in your office is to throw up some decorations. You can hold a cubical-decorating contest or do it all as a team. Make some snowflakes or hang some garland. However you do it, decorations can keep everyone’s spirits up throughout the season.

2. Festive scents. You also might consider bringing the smells of the holidays to your office. Scents like cinnamon, vanilla, and pine are all great reminders of the season. This one is tricky, though, because you don’t want to make your office smell so strong it gives people headaches. Make sure it’s OK with your coworkers before you bring poinsettias or a pine tree into the office.

3. Saying thank you. Around Thanksgiving, I talked about the importance of being thankful, and that idea should continue throughout the rest of the holiday season (really, the whole year). Make your coworkers feel appreciated during the holiday season to keep their spirits up. Send thank you notes to those who have worked closely with you. If you’re a manager, this is very strongly encouraged. Recognize your employees for the things they did well this year.

4. Exchange gifts. You might arrange a gift exchange where everyone has to pick names and give gifts to the person they picked. Then there’s gift games like White Elephant, where everyone brings one gift and you all pick from a pile. Find out what your workplace usually does about gifts among coworkers and your boss to decide how best to approach this.

5. Conduct a food or gift drive. Another way to feel good during the holidays is to make others feel good. A great way to do this is to organize a food drive or gift drive for families in need. Find an organization in your area, a shelter, or even a national organization like Toys For Tots to donate your collections. Helping others is a very important holiday tradition for many people, so your coworkers will probably jump at the chance to give something.

6. Adopt a family. Instead of conducting a collection for an organization, you also might try adopting a specific family. Some organizations take in families in need of help and ask the families for wish lists. Then you and your coworkers can make sure the kids in your family get gifts this year, giving them a memorable holiday.

7. Throw a party. Finally, wrap up the holidays with a festive office party. It doesn’t have to be big. Order pizzas or ask everyone to contribute to a pot luck. Dress up and celebrate the season. You can take a break from all the hard work to relax and have a little fun.

There are plenty of ways to bring some holiday cheer to your workplace. The little things all add up to make it easier for you to make it through to the new year.

What are your favorite holiday traditions at work?

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