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My Safety Videos are Finally Live!

During my internship with recruitment marketing at Disney, the campaign of which I was most proud was for Disney Parks Safety Professionals. I managed the majority of the marketing campaign, from paid and social media, to conferences and photo shoots. Towards the end of the year, I worked very hard to coordinate a series of […]

My Portfolio

My Portfolio Please visit my portfolio to see a collection of projects I’ve managed, pieces I’ve written, social media I’ve managed and publication layouts I’ve created.

4 Things I Loved About Orlando In October

This weekend I finally got to experience my favorite theme parks during the fall. Although I didn’t get to attend one of Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Parties, there are tone of cool things I did get to do instead. 1. Halloween decorations in the Magic Kingdom. Pumpkins galore, fall colors, statues of characters in […]

My Final Semester Ever

Now that I’m in my final semester of college, everything has been pretty hectic. I’m trying to cram as much into this semester as I possibly can. On top of taking 18 credits, I am working lots of hours at Come Recommended and getting pretty busy with PRSSA. Here is a list of the things […]

10 Career Lessons From Disney Villains

Obviously Disney villains are evil — that’s the whole point. But that doesn’t mean we can’t learn some excellent career lessons from them. After all, most of them had excellent careers going until they met our heroes. As a follow-up to last week’s lessons from Disney heroes, here are 10 lessons from Disney villains you can […]

10 Career Lessons From Disney Heroes

As kids, Disney films taught us lessons about life. From the princesses to the lions to the toys, each movie teaches something new about our reaching our dreams. Now that we’re grown up, we can still learn a lot from our favorite Disney stories. Many of these lessons can even be applied to the job […]

My Monsterous Summer At Disney (Part 2)

I’ve been back in Pennsylvania for a week now and I already miss Orlando like crazy. The second half of my summer was just as busy, if not busier, than the first. I made it my mission to experience a ton of new things in the parks that I’ve overlooked in the past. Here are […]

Matt Prince’s Personal Branding Secrets

The breakout session for which I was most excited was the first session on Sunday. I attended “Brand You,” hosted by Matt Prince, a social media manager at Disney. Social media and Disney are my two of my favorite things, so this was clearly a big one for me. Before Disney, Prince founded his own […]