Valley Week – Spring 2011

My first Valley Week was a fantastic success! I was unbelievably busy with distributing magazines and updating social media all week long.

On Monday I spent the afternoon distributing tons of magazines to people on campus. I am so glad I signed up for an outside shift because it was a beautiful day in Happy Valley. We also distributed WAY above our expectations on the first day, which was an excellent sign for what was in store for the rest of the week. We had a contest on the bag of the issue. For the first 15 people to tweet about their favorite article, they would win a Valley t-shirt. Those tweets came in so quickly and the contest ended before we were done distributing magazines that day!

On Tuesday we started a second contest. Each day for the remainder of the week, I posted a scavenger hunt type question for people to find in the issue. Then we selected a random winner from the correct answers to win a gift certificate from one of our sponsors. This contest was not as active as the first contest, but I think we can improve upon it for next time.

We completely ran out of issues on Thursday (except for the single box we were saving for Friday), which was absolutely incredible. This has never happened in the history of Valley! Our circulation was 4,500 issues! I think that the increase in our social media activity has been a large part of this. I am so proud of our team for the hard work we have put in this semester. It has been a great experience and I cannot wait for next semester.

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