My First Month as a Disney Cast Member

Wow. I can honestly say that this last month has been the most exciting of my life. Beginning with the moment Mickey Mouse gave me a Disney Cast Member name tag with my name on it, I have been in awe for weeks. I live and work at Walt Disney World.

I have been very busy since arriving in Florida and haven’t had time to think about much else. Upon my arrival, I met my roommates (whom I adore), got assigned to Tomorrowland Attractions (super exciting!), and learned everything there is to know about the College Program. Within days, we learned all about the company and how to be Cast Members.

Once I began my Tomorrowland training, I found out that I would be working at Space Mountain! So far, I absolutely love my job there. I have met so many people and it is so rewarding to interact with guests. Space Mountain is one of the most visited attractions in the Magic Kingdom, so I got pretty lucky. Every day I get to talk to people from all around the world. This part of the experience is going to really help when it comes to public relations.

And while I love working, the best parts of this experience – so far – have been my days off. When I have free time, I get to go to the parks and explore. My goal is to do every single thing on the maps of all four parks. I have the maps stapled to my bulletin board and I cross things off as I go. I am almost finished all of the attractions in the Magic Kingdom.

I’m only just beginning my experience. Next week I will begin my Disney Marketing and Leadership seminars, which I expect to be really interesting. I am also already considering extending my program until August. I fully intend to make the most of my time at Disney and I will continue to write about it as long as there is something worth sharing.

Thanks for following my journey. Have a magical day!

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