My final Spring semester

This month has marked the beginning of my last Spring semester at Penn State. In order to graduate in December, I am currently taking 20 credits.

  • Crisis Communications – This class is really interesting so far. It’s a very similar class to the Intro to PR class I took, but focuses completely on crisis management. 
  • Research Methods in Ad/PR – This is required for my degree.
  • Feature Writing – I’m taking this journalism class because I realized last semester that writing features was not my strong suit and I thought it would be a good skill to develop.
  • Spanish Advanced Oral Expression and Communication – This course is for my Spanish minor. I’m hoping to be much more confident in speaking the language by the end of the semester.
  • Iberian Civilization – This is an online class about this history of Spain and Portugal. I took the second part of this course a few years ago and figured it would be just as good, even though I took them in the wrong order.
  • Film Music – I need a certain number of credits that are non-COMM classes, so I thought, why not take an online class about the music in films? This is essentially what my sister is getting a degree in, so I thought it would be interesting to learn a little bit about it.

Plus, I am getting credit for my internship with Come Recommended this semester, which is great.

Aside from my classes there are a few other things I am looking forward to this semester.

  • The Penn State Chapter of PRSSA is hosting a regional conference. We hosted one the semester that I joined PRSSA and it’s one of the reasons I loved it so much. I’m really excited to get another chance to hear a few guest speakers and to network with them and students from other schools.
  • The following weekend is THON. I am extremely excited for this because I didn’t attend last year’s Dance Marathon while I was in Florida. This is the first year I have been extremely involved with PRSSA THON and I can’t wait to spend 46 hours dancing with them.
  • I am going on my first-ever Spring Break vacation this year with my roommate. We’re going on a cruise to the Bahamas. I’ve never been, so I am unbelievably excited for this.

After that, I’ll just be counting down until my birthday and summer, and hopefully learning some things about PR along the way.

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