Job Seekers: How To Start Blogging

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The majority of hiring managers are more impressed by a candidate’s personal website than any other personal branding tool, according to a recent study. Despite this glaring fact, only seven percent of job seekers actually have one.

Take advantage of this by being a part of the minority. Job seekers who start blogging will stand out from the other 93 percent.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when starting a blog:

Choose a platform. There are lots of easy-to-use blogging platforms out there to choose from. Some of these include WordPress (my favorite), Blogger, and Tumblr. Find the platform that works best for your needs and get started.

Narrow down your topics. As a job seeker, the goal of your blog is less about gaining followers and more about showcasing your work. Choose a topic for your blog that is specific to your industry or skills. Write about the things you learn from industry trends and experts. Potential employers will be impressed with content to which they can relate.

Study other blogs. Look for other blogs about your industry. Find out what they’re blogging about and make a list of the topics they cover. Use these as starting points for your own blog. You should also pull from current events, industry trends, and your own experiences.

Select a style. The style of your blog encompasses the tone of your writing, the layout, colors, font, photos, and many other details. Make sure all of the individual pieces fit together to make a memorable and credible blog. Ask others for feedback on the style of your site.

Provide personal information. For job seekers, a blog should have more than just topical posts. It should also have separate pages with contact information, your resume, and maybe even your portfolio. Decide what other content is relevant to your job search and make these things available on your blog.

Stick to a schedule. Decide how often you will post on your blog and stick to it. Create a content calendar to stay organized and plan ahead. As job seekers, you should write consistently so employers who view your blog will regularly find new posts. Brainstorm ideas in advance so you don’t struggle to meet your deadlines.

Share your content. Whenever you publish a new post on your blog, you should share the new content on all of your social media outlets. Create tailored introductions to attract new readers. You should also share your content (when relevant) in discussion forums and anywhere else you think might benefit from your posts.

Creating a blog is a great way to stand out from other candidates applying for jobs in your field. Employers will see your blog as a culmination of knowledge of the industry, as well as the competence to meet deadlines and write well. If you’re going to start blogging for your job search, do it the right way.

What else do you recommend for job seekers who want to start blogging?

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