How To Ask For A Promotion

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June is one of the top three months for professionals in the U.S. to get promoted within their company, according to a study conducted by LinkedIn. The other two months are January and July. Take advantage of the next two months and get ready to ask for a promotion.

Even though these are the best months, asking for promotions always requires a good amount of prep work. Here are a few ways to ask for a promotion in June and July:

Emphasize your accomplishments. If you’re asking for a promotion, you must have quite a few accomplishments in your current role to make you believe you’re read to be promoted. Just like when applying for any other job, it’s important to highlight these achievements by talking about the results. Specifically, have solid data or numbers to show measurable ways your work has helped the company. You should keep track of your accomplishments and data throughout your career so they’re handy when it’s time to prove your worth.

Build your network. Get to know the higher-ups in your company. Reach out to these professionals for advice and build strong relationships with them. Look for people in the positions you want to be promoted to in the future. Set up meetings or lunches with these professionals and ask about their jobs. Learning right from the source will help you better understand their role, plus they’ll know you’re determined. Today’s mentor can become tomorrow’s peer.

Learn new skills. Your skills are just as important now as they were when you got your current job. Demonstrate your dedication to moving up in your company by continuing to develop new skills. You can do this by attending workshops, webinars, or taking classes. Look for scholarships or reimbursement programs in your company or professional organizations. Learn the skills that are currently lacking in the position you want and show your boss why you can do the job.

Volunteer for more work. Start taking on more commitments now to show you’re ready to be promoted. Volunteer for extra projects and put lots of care into their completion. By taking on more work in your current position, you will demonstrate your ability to handle the responsibilities of a promotion. This works really well if the extra projects are related to the position you want in your promotion.

Create a new position. One way for professionals to get promoted is to create a new position entirely. Look for a need not being filled within your company and determine a way to fix it. Develop a game plan and present your ideas to your boss. While this might not be a normal promotion, the extra responsibilities might turn into a new title or pay raise.

Once you’ve given your pitch to your boss, all you can do is to wait for the powers that be to make a decision. Patience is an essential quality to develop in any career, and this is definitely an opportunity to test it. Promotions require a lot of balancing on your boss’s end. Just continue to develop your accomplishments, skills, and network. It might take time, but stay determined to reach your goals.

What advice do you have for professionals asking for promotions this month?

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