The Rise Of Mobile Job Search [Infographic]

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As dependence on mobile communication continues to rise, more and more people are relying on their mobile devices to conduct their job search. As a matter of fact, 84 percent of job seekers believe mobile devices will be the most common way people search for jobs within the next five years.

Glassdoor recently released an infographic highlighting their survey on mobile job seekers’ behavior and expectations for the future.

According to the survey, 89 percent of employees who said they’ll look for a new job in the next year also said their mobile device is an important tool in their job search.

Of the job seekers who use their mobile devices as a tool, 60 percent have searched for jobs on their mobile devices in the past year. In fact, 68 percent of these job seekers use it to search for jobs on a weekly basis.

Additionally, job seekers aren’t just using their mobile devices to look for jobs. More than half used them for additional research; 54 percent used them read company reviews from employees, and 52 percent used them to research salary information.

Other highlights from the mobile job search survey are featured in the following infographic:

Have you used your mobile device to search for jobs? Do you think this trend will continue to rise?

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