4 Career Lessons From Man Of Steel

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Superman is back! Man of Steel hit theaters this past weekend and, like always, Superman is saving the world while teaching us lessons for our own lives. Clark Kent and Lois Lane fight the bad guys from Krypton while picking up a few lessons on loyalty, trust, weakness, and strength.

Here are four big lessons you can apply to your career from Man of Steel:

Prove your loyalty.

When Clark Kent learns his origins, he has to decide whether he wants to be loyal to Earth or Krypton. Unless you live under a rock, you know that Superman is the defender of Earth, so the audience knows where his loyalties lie. In the film, the U.S. government, on the other hand, is unsure whether they can trust him. Clark works hard to prove he is an ally to Earth and that the government should trust him. He believes in defending humanity.

In your career, it’s important to prove your loyalty to the companies you work for and the people you work with. When you first meet people (whether it’s interviewers, co-workers, or managers), they aren’t going to know what to expect from you. Can they count on you to get the job done? Will you stick with their company for the long-term? Whatever the circumstance may be, prove to these people that they can depend on you to help them succeed.

Man of Steel

Image Credit: E! Online

Multiple mentors are great.

Clark Kent has had lots of people in his life to mentor him. He has his adopted human parents, Jonathan and Martha Kent, plus he has his biological father from Krypton, Jor-El. Jonathan teaches Clark as he grows up, Jor-El teaches him about his heritage, and Martha grounds him. Each of Clark’s mentors is important to his growth as a person and a hero.

In your career, you too can have more than one mentor. Find different people in your professional life who can offer unique perspectives on your career. One person might be able to help you with your skills, while another might be able to help you with your network. Form strong bonds with your mentors and fully appreciate the advice they give you. These relationships are essential for your success.

Martha Kent

Image Credit: Tumblr

Overcome your weaknesses.

In Man of Steel, Clark spends a lot of time learning what it means to be from Krypton. When he has to transition between the two, he learns the reason for his heightened senses is Earth’s atmosphere. Once he focuses all of his senses into one idea, he becomes stronger.

Everybody has weaknesses, even if they’re not as physically exhausting as Clark’s. In your career, identify your own weaknesses and determine ways to conquer them. Learn from your shortcomings, and you will have a stronger career in the long-run.

Man of Steel

Image Credit: Tumblr

Do what you believe is right.

This is one of the most prominent themes in Man of Steel. Each character gets a turn to apply it to their own story. Clark does this many times throughout the film when making choices between humanity and Krypton. Lois faces this choice when deciding whether or not to continue with her story about Clark. There is an endless list of characters in this film who have to decide what they believe is right.

In your career, you have to decide the path that is right for you and take it. Choose jobs that align with your beliefs and dreams. No one else can decide what is right for you. The choice is ultimately yours.

Man of Steel

Image Credit: E! Online

Superman learns a lot of lessons in his quest to find out who he really is. These lessons are important because they involve loyalty, trust, weakness, and strength. Learn from his choices on these matters, and you’ll have a better career because of it.

What are some other career lessons we can learn from the new Superman film?

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