What Interviewers Say Millennials Are Lacking, And How To Fix It

This article was originally published on ComeRecommended.com.

Hey Millennials! Did you know employers are three times more likely to hire a mature worker than they are to hire you? That’s right. If given the choice, 60 percent of employers would hire mature workers, while only 20 percent would hire Millennials. There is something wrong with this picture.

There are quite a few reasons recruiters would rather hire mature workers than Millennials. Here are some qualities employers said Millennials are lacking, and how to fix them:

Employers are most likely to associate mature workers with being reliable and professional.

Mature workers were considered reliable by 91 percent of employers and professional by 88 percent. For Millennial workers, on the other hand, these qualities ranked dead last. Only five percent of recruiters said they were professional and two percent said reliable.

In order to change this negative perception, you should focus on emphasizing your reliability. Talk about specific times in your career when others depended on you and you delivered. Additionally, it’s easy to show you’re professional by dressing the part and following up with the proper etiquette in emails and interviews. The little details can make a big difference when it comes to being reliable and professional.

When it comes to skills that need strengthening, 46 percent of employers feel Millennials need to improve their writing skills.

That percentage is way too high. Millennials who are lazy writers are making the whole generation look bad. Take the time to proofread (more than once). You can even ask someone else to read your writing, or read it out loud. Also, remember to be concise in your writing. Say exactly what needs to be said — no more, no less. Try to write frequently and you will become a stronger writer.

Nearly half of recruiters (46 percent) think the greatest challenge in hiring a Millennial is their unknown long-term commitment to a company.

It is definitely a challenge to demonstrate loyalty when you’re young. You’ve probably had multiple internships with different companies and are still trying to figure out where you belong in the professional world. If your resume has a lot of short-term jobs and internships, be sure to explain your reasons for so many jumps in your interview. It can be as simple as, “This internship ran through the entire summer and ended when I had to move back to school in the fall.” Back it all up by explaining why you would love to work for their company, and recruiters will have more faith in your commitment.

Employers say Millennials’ biggest interview mistake is wearing inappropriate interview attire. 

Three out of four employers said Millennial candidates don’t know how to dress for interviews. This is incredible, considering the number of articles on the Internet explain exactly how to dress for an interview. Always wear business professional attire to job interviews. Even if the company culture suggests otherwise, it is better to dress up for the interview. You need to lead with a professional first impression before you can relax your wardrobe.

The next biggest mistake is posting potentially compromising content on social media channels.

Most employers (70 percent) said Millennials post compromising content on social media. This can include inappropriate photos, personal information, profanity, and even poor writing. You grew up in the social media generation, so you should know better. Millennials are always told how important it is to clean up their social media profiles. Now it’s time to actually do the work. Make sure your social media is professional. You never know which potential employers will Google you.

Finally, 60 percent of recruiters say Millennials show a lack of interest in a job by not asking questions about the company or position.

It’s essential to show how invested you are in a job during the interview. Ask good questions to show you did your research and really want to learn more about the role. When the interviewer asks if you have any questions, don’t say “no.” Have a list.

Despite what it seems from this survey, it’s not all bad for Millennials. Employers overwhelmingly agreed Millennial workers are creative (74 percent) and strong networkers (73 percent). But you can be so much more than that. Focus on improving where they said you can do better. Make the Millennial generation known for being reliable, professional, and loyal.

How do you think Millennial workers can improve their likelihood to be hired?

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