Do Twitter Resumes Really Work?

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It seems to be the year of the Twitter resume. In 140 characters or less, social media-savvy job seekers are supposed to share their resumes and land amazing jobs. But can a Twitter resume really work?

Back in the spring, one company hiring a senior social media strategist (with a six-figure salary) only accepted Twitter applications for the role, according to an article from CNN. There was an official hashtag for the entries and applicants had to have more than 1,000 followers. The point of the hiring process was to find a candidate who could actually do the work the role would require. The company heard from hundreds of applicants, which they narrowed down to 15 interviews.

According to the same article, many other tech companiesreported only accepting links to job seekers’ web presence, like blogs to Twitter accounts, instead of traditional resumes.

One hiring manager found a social media coordinator based on Twitter and no in-person interview at all. “It didn’t matter to me what they’re like in an interview setting,” he said in an article in USA Today. “All that mattered was their online personality.”

Clearly, the Twitter resume is great for jobs where social media and digital savvy are necessary, but don’t be fooled. Paper resumes are not dead. Do not throw out your carefully crafted resumes for Twitter.

The main benefit of a Twitter resume is to stand out when applying for a job that requires social media experience. Knowing your way around the platform will show recruiters you can do the job they’re looking to fill.

“I cannot imagine someone explaining their breadth of experience in 140 characters,” said a headhunter in the CNN article. “At most it could be an introduction with a link to your CV.”

Have you used a Twitter resume to apply for a job? What happened?

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