Social Media Trend: Vine And Instagram Battle It Out

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Videos have always been a dominant marketing tool. The way we reach audiences with our videos is what has changed. First it was television commercials, then it was YouTube, and now it’s instantaneous with Vine and Instagram. This year, these two apps brought instant video to smartphones.

Vine is a mobile app that was introduced by Twitter in January. It allows you to record six-second videos and share them with followers. Vine is the video version of Twitter. Likely in response to the launch of Vine, a few weeks ago Instagram added short videos to the already popular photo-sharing app.

While both apps are currently struggling for the top name in instant video, it is clearly time to get in on the action. Instant videos are picking up steam and many companies are coming up with great ways to use them to their advantage. No matter if you’re experimenting with Vine or Instagram, you should learn exactly how to implement them into your own PR tactics:

Answer questions. Make a list of frequently asked questions and start filming a series of videos where you answer them. People watch videos when they need help, so FAQs are a good place to start.

Demonstrate your product or service. Make a brief video showing exactly how your product works. Highlight unique ways to use it or show how to set it up. Put your product in a visually appealing, practical setting. Again, people love watching how-to videos, so make some of your own.

Go behind the scenes. Another thing people love to do is see behind-the-scenes footage. We love to feel like we’ve seen something exclusive. Instant video is a great way to take your followers backstage and show them something they wouldn’t normally see.

Promote something special. Just like with the last point, people love exclusivity. Introduce an exclusive contest, giveaway, or event through a brief video. Make it something in which only your followers can participate. People will follow your Vine and Instagram videos if they feel there is something special about them. Give them a reason to keep coming back to your profile.

Get fan input. The great thing about these instant video platforms is the social media aspect. You can share the videos from these apps across all of your other social media profiles like Facebook and Twitter. Get your fans to contribute by submitting their own videos with your hashtag. Another route is to film your customers’ testimonials and post them yourself. It doesn’t matter how you do it, but enlisting your social media fans will definitely benefit your PR.

There are plenty of other ways to take advantage of the instant video. Instagram has nearly 130 million active users and Vine gained more than 13 million users in its first six months. Figure out which platform works best for you. Experiment with both. With either platform, fans will follow.

What are some more ways to use Vine and Instagram in your PR tactics?

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