5 Reasons Recent Grads Can Be Invaluable At Work

This article was originally published on ComeRecommended.com.

Recent grads often have a negative reputation when it comes to being good workers. They are assumed to be lazy, inexperienced, or stuck in college-mode. But don’t just jump to these stereotypical conclusions when making hiring decisions.

Millennials have many qualities that make them essential to the workplace. When you’re hiring new workers, remember these five reasons recent grads are invaluable:

They’re still excited to learn new things.

Fresh out of college, recent grads are still in the mindset to learn. This is a key quality for the workplace because they can adapt quickly. Millennials know they haven’t been around long enough to be experts at anything, so they appreciate all the advice they can get from their managers and coworkers. While more experienced workers may be stubborn about change, Millennials will embrace it.

They’ve been interns.

Another trait often associated with recent grads is inexperience, but this is hardly true. This generation is essentially required to have at least one internship before graduating college. In fact, 63.2 percent of grads from the Class of 2013 reported having taken part in an internship, co-op, or both. And (thankfully) internships don’t consist of coffee runs and making copies anymore. Today’s interns get real, practical experience in their field, so they have a solid foundation to kick off their careers.

They pick up new technology quickly.

One thing you can count on Millennials for is their vast understanding of technology. They’ve grown up with it and they know how to adapt quickly when it changes. They’re pros with social media and other kinds of software. If your workplace is filled with more experienced workers, recent grads might even be able to teach a thing or two to their coworkers.

They’re excited about new projects.

Another great quality about recent grads is their thirst to prove themselves. They want to show the team they can contribute, so they jump at the chance to do so. Whether it’s a project you already have planned or something they can develop on their own, Millennials will thrive on the opportunity.

They’re team oriented.

Throughout all of their years of school, Millennials have been taught to work in teams. Almost every class they’ve ever taken has most likely involved a group project in some form or another. They know how to utilize the best qualities of a group. They feel proud when their team accomplishes a goal successfully. While some may see the tendency toward socializing to be a bad thing, you should see the potential for it to be a strength. Hiring workers who can work well together is essential.

No matter your reasoning for hiring recent grads, remember all the value they can bring to the workplace. The worst thing you can do is underestimate a Millennial.

What are some other reasons recent grads are invaluable at work? Will you be hiring any in the near future?

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