Grads Not Sure Where To Go Next? Use Career Predictor

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When you’re in college, choosing a major is often about deciding what you’re most passionate about learning and less about what you want you want to do with the rest of your life. You study something for four years (give or take), but then graduation rolls around and you’re not sure what to do next. How can you use your degree to begin a career?

If you’re struggling to find these answers, Career Predictor might be the tool for you. Career Predictor was designed for students and grads who are wondering what they can do with their degrees.

Anyone who is unsure of their next career move can use the tool, as well. Many new companies, especially those in the tech or Internet fields, do not provide a clear career path for new employees. Career Predictor will help those who are experiencing frustration when it comes to determining their next career steps.

The tool was created using live data from job seekers over the past year. It was designed so everyone can use it — whether they just got their degrees, have landed a job they’re planning to advance in, or are just brainstorming where they want their career path to take them. It takes into consideration all of these different situations.

Users have three options to start:

I’ve got a degree…

For those who have just received degrees, you can plug in what you have studied. The career predictor will then visualize the most popular first jobs for those particular grads and will then lead the user to where they can find more information on each individual occupation.

I’ve got a job…

If you are currently employed and are wondering what your next career move will be, you can also utilize the tool by filling in your current job title. The tool will then provide you with data on the average salary, age, and time span for your current position. It will then suggest the most popular jobs for you to move into, so you can plan your career path accordingly.

One day I want to be…

Finally, for those who know what they want to be but don’t exactly know how to get there, you can enter your desired degree or job title and dream job, and the career predictor will chart out the most popular career path to get from the degrees you pursue, to the jobs you desire.

The site is currently in beta testing, but you can start predicting your career path today.

Grads, have you tried using Career Predictor to help you decide your next move? What did you think?

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