Your Accomplishments Are What Matter Most

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Career advancement in today’s world is all about accomplishing great things. You have to earn your place in the upper levels, and you can’t get there just by putting in hours. You need to deserve it.

To get what you deserve, you need to figure out what you can accomplish, do it, keep track, and talk about it.

What can you do?

Think about your job and what you’re responsible for. Set goals for yourself in your job. Every job has a list of responsibilities. Set out to complete your responsibilities efficiently and effectively. Go above and beyond by asking for more work, pitching new ideas, and coming up with ways to do your job better. Outline a timeline for accomplishing the goals you’ve come up with.

Do it.

There’s not really anymore to say here, other than, accomplish what you set out to do.

Keep track of your accomplishments.

There needs to be a way to measure your success. Think about both quality and quantity. If you planned an event, how many attended or how much did you profit? If you write articles, how many people read and shared them? Make a list for yourself of all of your accomplishments so you can reference it when it comes time to earn that new job or promotion. Highlight your most successful accomplishments.

Talk about it.

This is the time when it’s OK to brag about yourself. You need to show interviewers (or managers in charge of promoting you) what you’re made of. Use the list you made of your accomplishments and transform them into success stories. Use the STAR method to go into details to describe the situation, task, action, and results. And definitely don’t forget the results part, because this is where you get to explain what you did right.

Your accomplishments should tell a story. They should help you emphasize why you’re great at what you do, and why you’ve earned that promotion. Your accomplishments are what will get you further in your career, so make them a priority.

How do you measure the accomplishments in your career?

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