7 Ways To Take Your Career Into Your Own Hands

This article was originally published on ComeRecommended.com.

Is your career in a slump? Do you feel like you’re at a stand-still?

Throughout your career, it’s easy to become so focused on the success of your company that you forget to focus on yourself. It’s not up to your boss to decide when you’re ready for more. They (typically) don’t really care.

If you find yourself stuck in a place where you aren’t progressing anymore, you need to take matters into your own hands. Here are seven ways to restart the growth of your career:

1. Re-brand yourself. If there’s something wrong with your personal brand, people aren’t going to take you seriously. Think about your goals and where you want your career to go. Now, apply that to your personal brand. Look at your social media profiles, your resume, your network. Make sure all the pieces of your brand align with where you want to go, not where you’ve already been.

2. Find a mentor. Talk to someone in your dream job. Ask them if they’d mind talking to you about what they do and how they got there. Set up an informational interview or a coffee date. If you hit it off, this person could become your mentor. Asking for advice is one of the easiest ways to see what you’re doing wrong. An outside perspective can do wonders, especially from someone who has been where you are and succeeded.

3. Ask for more to do. One reason you could be stuck in the same position is you haven’t impressed anyone. You do your job just fine, but that’s all. Nobody notices you because you do exactly what you’re supposed to do. Instead of doing the minimum, show initiative by asking for more to do. If there’s opportunity to lead a project, volunteer. If you have an idea to increase efficiency, share it. The more you speak up, the more likely someone will notice you and decide you deserve to move up in world.

4. Pick up a new skill. Another problem could be that you reached the highest position in your career you can achieve with the skills you already have. There’s a simple way to fix this: learn more skills. Whether this means taking a class, or even getting another degree, you have the power to make it happen. Don’t be lazy. Take the initiative to continue learning and growing.

5. Attend an industry event. Look for an industry or networking event you can attend. These provide great opportunities to hear other perspectives about your profession. Guest lectures can help you think about a different approach to your career path. Plus, these events are great for building your professional network. You never know when the people you meet could help you down the line. Industry events are great for personal career growth.

6. Find a new job. Maybe the problem has nothing to do with your lack of skills. You may just be working for the wrong company. Your unhappiness could be the result of being in the wrong job, company, or industry. If that’s the case, it’s time to dust off your resume and start writing cover letters because you need to find a new job. A change of scenery might be exactly what you need.

7. Get really bold. Another option could be to go really bold and start your own business. There’s no better way to take things into your own hands than to become an entrepreneur. It’s probably best to start off slow by starting your own business on the side. Eventually, though, you could change your whole career once you become your own boss.

No matter what, the goal is to take advantage of opportunities when you see them. Don’t let your career stall because you’re too lazy to do anything about it. Take matters into your own hands.

What are some other ways to take your career into your own hands?

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