2020 Vision: What Will the U.S. Look Like in 2020? [Infographic]

This article was originally published on ComeRecommended.com.

Have you ever thought about what the world will look like when we enter a new decade? The year 2020 seems like it’s a long time away, but it will arrive before you know it.

In the year 2020, the cities across the country will see population growth and an increase in life expectancy. What effect will these changes have on the workforce?

For one thing, the fastest cities for job growth will include Phoenix, Tuscon, El Paso, and Las Vegas. The slowest job growth will occur in Detroit, Milwaukee, and Cleveland.

Additionally, by the year 2020, 65 percent of all jobs will require a post-secondary education and training, up from 28 percent in 1973.

SelfStorage.com created the following infographic to preview the future of the American workforce. Which communities and careers will see the most growth? What does the future hold for your career? Find out below:

2020 Infographic

Produced by SelfStorage.com. Copyright 2013.

 How does the outlook look for your future career goals?

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