Why Lacking Confidence Will Cost You The Job

This article was originally published on ComeRecommended.com.

Confidence is one of those traits every Millennial job seeker needs to have. More than 60 percent of employers value confidence as one of the top traits they are looking for in new hires. Not only is confidence extremely important, but also an employer can tell if you have it within the first minute of meeting you, so you need to exude it.

True, it’s easier said than done. There are a lot of things about the job search that can be nerve wracking. But whether you’re interviewing, networking, or asking for a promotion, you need confidence to land the job. Here are a few reasons why lack of confidence will cost you the job:


One of the most important times to demonstrate your confidence is while interviewing. If you appear to lack confidence while interviewing, the employer might decide you won’t be able to handle the job. Even if you have all the hard skills required, you have to be able to show off your competence.

The easiest way to be sure of yourself while interviewing is to carefully prepare in advance. If you know your stuff, you can walk into the room sure of yourself and ready for anything. On top of the prep work, you should dress professionally and lead with a strong handshake. All these details will build your confident persona.


Another time confidence is essential for a job seeker is while networking. Meeting new people is another time when it’s easy to get nervous. If you go into a networking event without confidence, you won’t be able to approach other professionals. When your lack of confidence shows on your face, people will be less inclined to approach you, as well. Additionally, if you do meet someone and they get the impression you’re incompetent, they will be less likely to remember you or help you out with job leads in the future.

When you enter networking situations, the easiest thing to do is smile and ask other people questions. People love to talk about themselves, so listen closely and you won’t have to do much of the talking at all. Eventually, it will get easier.


A third time confidence is necessary is when you ask for a promotion. Again, even if you have the skills, if your managers think you can’t handle the extra responsibility, they won’t give you a chance to prove it. If you’re ready to ask for a promotion, you probably have the experience to back it up. Be confident in your accomplishments and your ability to use them in a position with more responsibility.

No matter the situation, confidence can always benefit your career. Be proud of your talents and let others know what you can do. A positive attitude is magnetic. People will give you opportunities if you can show you deserve them.

What are some other tips you have for job seekers who need a confidence boost?

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