7 Headlines For Your Next Blog Post

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As a content creator, you should know the importance of writing catchy headlines for everything you create. Especially for blog posts, strong headlines are essential if you want people to read more. Especially in our social media society, your headlines will become the only thing people see when a person shares your articles on Facebook and Twitter. It’s important to hook your audience with a few words.

Content creators have found that certain types of headlines, like lists and how-to guides, perform much better than others. When deciding on the headline for your next blog post, here are some staples to keep in mind:

1. Lists

One of the easiest headlines you can use to grab your audience’s attention is a list. People like to read lists because they are easy to skim and generally provide an assortment of useful information. For example, 8 Types Of Content Marketing You Can Create5 PR Lessons From Content Marketers, and the headline for this post. Lists can be as short or as long as you want, just make sure the information is useful for your readers.

2. How To

Another really effective blog headline is the how-to guide. They’re also very simple, but people love how-to guides because they want to know the most effective ways to accomplish their goals. How-to guides help people solve their problems. For example, How To Create An SEO Landing Page For Your WebsiteHow To Find The Right Journalist To Cover Your Story, and How To Harness New Business Tools On Pinterest. People encounter lots of problems during their lives, so the more specific your how-to is, the better.

3. Shocking Statistics

People love to read about new and interesting research. You can grab these types of people by writing a headline with a shocking statistic. For example, 82% Of Marketers Plan To Increase Content Marketing, Here’s Why and 94% Of Recruiters Use Social Media In Recruitment Efforts. When you read a new survey or study in your industry, take the results and highlight the statistics that are most relevant to your audience.

4. Industry Trends

Along the lines of new research, readers also love to read about the latest trends. Whether it’s a new law, technology, or something else that’s making its way into the mainstream, let them know how they’re being affected before they’re affected. For example, Google Penguin 2.0: How To Tweak Your SEO Strategy For Success and Social Media Trend: Vine And Instagram Battle It Out. Make sure to include the trend by name in your headline to grab your audience’s attention.

5. Do’s and Don’ts

In addition to wanting to know how to accomplish their goals, people also want to know if they’re already on the right track. Writing about the do’s and don’ts of any topic allows readers to determine what they’re doing right and what they’re doing wrong. For example, 8 Dos And Don’ts Of Talking About Your Personal Life On The Job and The Dos And Don’ts Of Networking Cards.

6. Common Mistakes

Similar to dos and don’ts, readers also want to be told exactly what mistakes they’re making. This headline grabs readers who want to be told what they’re doing wrong and how to fix it. For example, 6 Press Release Fails You Need To Fix and 4 Biggest Social Media Mistakes Brands Should Avoid. These headlines can combine a bunch of the other types of headlines with lists, how-not-to, and don’ts.

7. Controversial Topics

A final type of headline you can use is the controversial topic. Make a bold statement others normally wouldn’t, and then back it up with facts and research in your blog post. Or, pose a question about a controversial issue in your industry. For example, Content Marketing Is Here To StayHiring For Skills Is Hurting Your Culture, and Tattoo Taboo: Should Tattoos Be Allowed At Work? Readers enjoy articles about controversial issues because they can use the information you provide to make an informed decision of their own.

All these headlines, whether they are simple lists or controversial statements, are effective attention grabbers for your blog posts. Keep them in mind as you’re creating your content calendar and you’ll become a more effective content marketer.

What are some other effective headlines for blog posts?

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