10 Ways To Make Work Remind You Of Your Childhood

This article was originally published on ComeRecommended.com.

Between National Compliment Day and Talk Like a Pirate Day, we celebrate some crazy holidays just to get through the work week. But did you know that Thursday, October 10 is Take Your Teddy Bear to Work Day? It’s pretty silly, but sometimes we just want to forget we’re adults for a minute and get nostalgic about childhood. In celebration of Teddy Bear Day, here’s a look at 10 ways to make work remind you of your childhood:

1. Pack some your childhood lunch. There’s no easier way to feel like a kid than to eat the snacks you loved back in the day. Pack your lunch with Lunchables, Gushers, and a Capri Sun. You’ll feel like you’re in the cafeteria of your elementary school all over again.

2. Create a fun playlist. Technology is a wonderful thing. With iTunes, Pandora, or whatever you use, you can create an awesome playlist of songs to listen to while you work. Just pop in your headphones and crank up the volume to your favorite childhood jams from Disney movies or ’90s boy bands — whatever suits your mood. Just be careful not to start singing along. That would be awkward in the office.

3. Get organized with Lisa Frank folders. Remember when you were a kid and you got to pick out which folder you wanted for each class? Lisa Frank folders made organizing fun. Replace your boring notebooks and folders with the cute ones meant for kids.

4. Pick out some fun writing utensils. In addition to the fun folders, grab some other silly school supplies as well. We all remember those erasers cut in fun shapes and the pens that write in different colors. You can still use these things when you’re taking notes at work (just as long as you put them away for the important stuff).

5. Organize recess. During your lunch hour, get as many of your co-workers as you can to join you on an adventure outside. It can be as simple as taking a walk, but getting out of the office will do wonders for your stress level. Fresh air is always a good thing. You could even start up a game of tag. Or if the weather stinks, there’s always Heads Up, Seven Up!

6. Take a field trip. Along the same lines as the previous point, find a reason to take your work out of the office. Take a client out to lunch or visit them on location. Come up with a way to take your work out into the field. It will be nice to get away from your desk for once.

7. Decorate your workspace for the holidays. When you were a kid, your teacher probably went all out on your classroom when it came to the holidays. Halloween is just around the corner. Grab some construction paper and scissors, and make some decorations for your office. You can also hit up the dollar store for supplies if you’re not feeling creative.

8. Bring in a silly stress-reliever. There are plenty of childhood toys you can bring to the office with the excuse that they relieve stress. People use stress balls all the time, so why not bring your own. Grab a bouncy ball, slinky, or a Rubik’s Cube. If someone questions your actions while you play with them, simply say, “I’m thinking.”

9. Hang motivational posters. As a kid, your classroom probably also had some motivation posters hanging on the wall. Think of some quotes that motivate you, and find or make a poster. This can be for your own workspace or for the entire office to enjoy. Bonus points if you use a quote from a childhood author like Dr. Seuss: “Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.”

10. Take your teddy bear to work. On October 10, take advantage of the silly holiday and bring your teddy bear with you to work. When you’re stressed during the day, you’ll look up and see it sitting on your desk and smile because you were crazy enough to celebrate the holiday.

You don’t have to do implement all of these things into your workplace to make it more fun. Any of these activities here or there will boost your mood and take you (and your co-workers) back to your childhood.

What are some other ways to make work remind you of your childhood?

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