Media Meet & Greet

Tonight Valley hosted a Media Meet & Greet for many of the press associations on and around campus. The goal was to network with all of the different organizations so that the next time we need coverage, we’ve got it. This my first real networking event ever, so I didn’t really know what to expect or how to put myself out there.

I spent most of the evening meeting and getting to know the girls within Valley because I didn’t really know many of them. I met a few people from other publications, but I figured it was more important for me to know my own team than to find other connections right now. There will be many more events like this and when I am ready to hunt for an internship, I will have had this night under my belt.

And as a side note, people have been raving about my tweets this week! They are so excited that Valley‘s Twitter is active and they say I’m doing an excellent job!

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