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Oreo wins the Super Bowl

I love watching Twitter feeds during events like the Super Bowl. You get a plethora of opinions every few seconds. Between the game itself, the commercials and Beyonce, this year was no different. What really made it interesting was the moment the Superdome blacked out.

Whirlwind of a Month!

Ever since the day I moved home for the summer, I have been busy busy busy! The first week I was home, I had internship interviews all over the Philadelphia area. While this was exhausting, it was great experience to perfect my interview skills. By the end of the week, I accepted a marketing internship […]

Penn State’s “Osama is Dead Riot 2011”

Last night was amazing for so many reasons. I was watching The Office on Netflix, while my roommate was getting ready to go to bed. She got a phone call and jumped up to turn on the TV. Seeing her reaction out of the corner of my eye, I paused the episode to find out […]

Social Media Day

On Wednesday, Penn State’s PRSSA and Social Media Club hosted Social Media Day. This was a full day of lectures and panels with professionals and students who discussed different aspects of using social media. I was able to attend the last two sessions of the day: “Student Organizations use of Social Media” and “Job Search […]

The Walk: Fashion Show

Tonight was the kick off of Valley‘s Spring 2011 issue (The Walk: Fashion Show)! Check out the blog post I wrote prior to the event!

Fresh Perspective

I wrote my first blog for Valley this week about the Media Meet and Greet! It is similar to the entry I wrote for this blog, but not completely. I didn’t title this or the “PR from Fresh Eyes” blog for PRSSA, so I think it’s interesting how similarly they were titled. 🙂

Media Meet & Greet

Tonight Valley hosted a Media Meet & Greet for many of the press associations on and around campus. The goal was to network with all of the different organizations so that the next time we need coverage, we’ve got it. This my first real networking event ever, so I didn’t really know what to expect […]

Sparking Conversation in Social Media

I am a member of the Promotions/Marketing Committee of a student-run, life and style magazine at Penn State called Valley. This is my first semester working for the magazine, and already I am gaining so much experience from the organization. This week I was put in charge of Valley‘s twitter feed, which is really exciting […]