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Penn State Scandal, From a PR Perspective

This week has been one of the most stressful weeks in Happy Valley that I can remember. Not because of classes or work, but because Penn State is the subject of a scandal. I’ve decided that rather than discuss my opinion on those involved, I am simply going to look at the situation from a public relations perspective.

Kirstin Alvanitakis, “Top 10 Things I Learned the Hard Way”

Guess who won PRSSA Committee Member of the Month again… I did! This time it was for the Fundraising Committee. Tonight was our November General Meeting and the keynote speaker was Kirstin Alvanitakis. She is an online communications specialist who currently works for the Association of Pennsylvania State College and University Facilities where she is […]

Linda Burkley, APR, on Fundraising

Tonight we had a guest speaker at our PRSSA Fundraising meeting. Linda Burkley is the Owner and Creative Strategist of Ardis Communications. A skilled facilitator and experienced practitioner, she is also an adjunct faculty member at Susquehanna University and teaches in the MBA program for the University of Phoenix. Burkley came to talk to us […]



The End of My First Internship

I definitely planned to blog more often throughout my Partyspace internship, but there just never seemed to be enough time in the day! This has been one busy summer. I now have a very clear idea of what a 40 hour work week is like. I have spent three months developing my skills in social […]

Penn State’s “Osama is Dead Riot 2011”

Last night was amazing for so many reasons. I was watching The Office on Netflix, while my roommate was getting ready to go to bed. She got a phone call and jumped up to turn on the TV. Seeing her reaction out of the corner of my eye, I paused the episode to find out […]

Wrapping up Freshman Year

At the beginning of this semester, I had zero experience in public relations, aside from managing my own social media accounts. If you had told me in January that I’d be learning from so many students and professionals, I might have believed you. But if you had told me that I’d be in a director position […]

Things to Keep in Mind for Phone Interviews

The semester is almost over, so I have been looking around for summer jobs and internships. In my search, I encountered a potential internship that asked to interview me on the phone (the next step would be an in-person interview). I have never been interviewed on the phone before, so I took to Twitter for […]